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12.5.2017. 10:59
Vijesti iz Saveza Jevrejskih opština Srbije
Od Arona Albaharija primili smo ovu obavijest:

Shalom Aron,

This past week, Palestinian leader Abbas recently met President Trump at the White House. It's critical that we see through Abbas' gracious smiles and understand what we are really dealing with.

A few months ago, the Palestinian leader asked world leaders to ensure that Trump does not uphold his pledge to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, due to its "disastrous impact on the peace process and stability of the entire region.”

Abbas has repeated refused to accept the Jewish People's right to ANY part of the Land of Israel. And he insists on paying terrorist murderers in Israeli jails.

Although Trump is adamant about making the deal of the century, the Palestinians will accept nothing less than a state with Jerusalem as its capital.

The latest anti-Israel UN resolution that passed this week, ironically on Israel Independence Day, once again denies the Jewish People's right to Jerusalem, their eternal capital. Just another reminder of what Israel is up against...

We CANNOT let the Palestinians, the UN and world leaders take Jerusalem away from the people of Israel. It's time to set the record straight!

Join 500,000 Who Support Permanent Israeli Control of Jerusalem

In an upcoming ceremony, United with Israel will personally present our book of 500,000+ names to Jerusalem Mayor Barkat, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem (1967-2017).

In advance of President Trump's visit to Israel on May 22, United with Israel is making arrangements to present a book to Mr. Trump while he is in Jerusalem......