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22.6.2011. 10:26
Vraćanje imovine u Litvi

Od WRJO- Svjetske organizacije za restituciju primili smo slijedeću vijest


June 21, 2011     19 Sivan 5771

WJRO: Lithuania Property Law
Is a Measure of Justice

The World Jewish Restitution Organization (WJRO) acknowledges the significant step taken today with the passage of legislation by the Lithuanian Seimas (Parliament) which provides for limited compensation for communal and religious property owned by the Jewish community of Lithuania before the Holocaust. 

The law offers a small measure of justice and material compensation for those whose lives and communities were destroyed in the Holocaust.  In addition, some funds will be available in 2012 to assist needy, elderly Lithuanian survivors of Nazi persecution with medical and welfare needs. 

While the amount which will be paid over the next decade represents only a small fraction of the value of the communal and religious property which was owned by the Jewish community prior to World War II, the passage of the law is historic, reflecting the Lithuanian government’s recognition of its moral obligation to return or provide compensation for stolen Jewish property.  Ronald Lauder, Chairman of the WJRO, maintained that,.. the action taken today will have a positive impact on survivors and the Jewish community in Lithuania.

These funds will help with the continued restoration of Jewish life and culture in the country.

The WJRO works throughout Central and Eastern Europe to have governments address the issue of communal and individual property seized during the Holocaust and will continue to press for the restitution of confiscated Jewish property in Lithuania and other European countries.  The WJRO negotiating team in Lithuania was headed by Rabbi Andrew Baker and included,         among others, Uri Chanoch, a Lithuanian Holocaust survivor residing in Israel.