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The association of Holocaust survivors in Croatia

The association of Holocaust survivors in Croatia is independent organization for survivors in all Croatia, living in 10 Jewish communities and many small places, where sometimes represent last “remnants” of once big Jewish community (25.000) which was decimated in Holocaust. Today Croatia have about 600 survivors. President of organization is Švob Melita.

Association of Holocaust survivors in Croatia, founded in 2001, is a member of the European Association of Jewish survivors of the Holocaust (EUAS), which secretary is dr. Švob. Association is also a member of the World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust and descendants (WFJCSHD) and dr.Švob Melita  is vice-president.

The most important task and action of Association:

·     1995. Survey about social and health conditions in Jewish community Zagreb, organized by dr.Melita Švob, at that time researcher in Institute for Migration and ethnic Studies and member of the governmental “Committee to investigate the historical facts about the fate of Nazi victims”.

·     2005.  dr. Švob organized new Social and Health Survey for survivors in all Croatia, which help in social work in community. Results are available  on CD and internet.

·    Establishment,  together with Research and documentation center CENDO ,   computer database for Holocaust  victims  in Croatia (about 20.000 names) , which is published in book and available on this Web page.

·     Establishment of Archive with  documentation about Holocaust in Croatia, now available on internet. 

·     1998/1999  “Swiss fund”  was first  support for survivors  who live “behind iron curtain” . President of the Fond for Croatia was Sanja Tabaković and director Melita Švob. About 90% of survivors in Croatia (959 persons) received this support. In Osijek has been organized  Conference and seminar with Director of the Swiss fund  Rolf Bloch.

·    Establishment of Claims conference office for Holocaust survivors (head Melita Švob) which until now realized over 400 CEEF pension for survivors in Croatia .

·    Organization of Exhibitions about Holocaust in Croatia, abroad (Strasbourg, Amsterdam), and in country, on Day of Remembrance of the Holocaust, during the conferences and events.

·    Organization of international  EUAS conferences in Zagreb 2005, 2008 and 2012, conclusions and speeches available on Web page.

·    Close cooperation with other survivor’s organization in ex-Yugoslav states (Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, and Montenegro) and common action in gatherings and conferences.

·    About Holocaust victims and survivors in Croatia are written numerous articles, presentation on national and international symposium and conferences, printed books CD, DVD, films, educational material about Holocaust (see "Bibliography" on

·    Association organized a number of meetings, lectures, exhibitions, tours, cultural events, bazaars for charity, visit to other communities and historic and cultural monuments.

·     Association organize and participate in Commemoration events for Holocaust victims (Yad Vashem, Jewish cemetery Mirogoj,  on camps Jasenovac, Jadovno, Đakovo etc).

·    Association organize and participate in education about Holocaust, their members give lessons in school and  media. Publications and archive is available to researchers and other institutions.

·     Association has a network of volunteers, cooperate with social worker, Jewish women organization , Senior club, Old age home, Youth club etc.

·      Association organized and equipped computer training  workshop for survivors and "Internet coffee" for those members  who do not have personal computer.

·      WE organize gymnastic for elderly ( twice a week) with professional which  is adapted to their age and health condition.

·     We organize lessons about health, food, pharmacy,diet etc.

·     We establish "Reading Room" with books, national and international journals and publications.

·     One of the largest action is Winter gathering, supported by Claims conference “Café Europe” fund . During the last seven year, in every January of February , in Opatija (place on Adriatic coast) we organized one week of recreation and Jewish culture for survivors from Croatia and guest.

·     We work on new data base for Holocaust survivors in Croatia  (about 4.000 names) who are  registered in 1945 year on different list, communities, institutions or testimonies. The first provisional data are available on  WEB page with possibility for correction or addition of  new data.