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17.4.2013. 9:00
Pismo Stefanie Salzer, predsjednice WFJCSHD

Primili smo pismo od predsjednice Svjetske organizacije preživjelih Holokausta-

 WFJCSHD: World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust and Descendants

u povodu obilježavanja 25 -godišnjice postojanja organizacije

                         Stefanie Salzer

Dear Survivor Family, Dear Friends

Twenty-five years!

In fact, 27 years, as we had begun meeting before we became an organization!

Yes, we are no longer young, but our daily lives, who we are, and how we react to life's events are still affected by our experiences as children.

I hope that we can all be proud that we have come together, worked together these many years, and I know that these have been significant times for us; our meetings have bonded us, enriched us, helped us to heal, and, for many, if not most of us ,have encouraged us to speak to young people; to hand down our legacy, and to try to instill in young people the importance of not being bystanders; of speaking up when faced with bigotry, with discrimination.

 As an organization, we have taken a stand as incidents of bigotry have come to our attention.

 We have put ourselves, the Child Survivors, " on the map". Until our emergence as an organization, we were indeed the "forgotten generation!"

I want to thank once again the persons whom I referred to as "our mothers"; Dr Sarah Moskovitz of LA, and the late Dr Judith Kestenberg who saw the need for those of us who had survived as children and youths, to get together.

I think we can all be proud of the fact that our children, the Second Generation, and now the Third Generation as well,are joining us at our conferences and carrying our legacy into the future.

We are not giving up! We are looking forward to our conference in Henderson, Nevada this year, with the help of GSI, and our conference in Berlin, Germany, next year.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all those who have helped to organize our past conferences; thank all our speakers, workshop leaders, and of course my "team -mates" on the Executive committee, who have worked extremely hard through the years to make it all happen!

May we go forth into the future. Koach!

Warm greetings to all!



We are the Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust, persecuted during the Nazi era in ghettos, in camps, in hiding, on the run, or forced to leave Nazi occupied Europe. Our objectives are to represent the interest of the child survivor community and to support each other, to keep alive the memory of the six million Jews - including the 1.5 million children - murdered during the Holocaust, and to pass on our legacy to future generations. We pursue these objectives by telling stories of our survival, by community interaction, education, and by holding conferences and fighting anti-Semitism.