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Novosti News

11.5.2013. 18:43
"Mishpocha" časopis WFJCSHD Svjetske organizacije preživjelih Holokausta

                      Spring 2013

A Link Among Survivors Around the World

  • 30 Years of Friendship, Healing & Education -Our Legacy
        by Robert Krell, M.D.,Vancouver, B.C. Canada
  • Jewish Resistance to the Nazis
          by Patrick Henry
  • Righteous Gentiles and Courageous Jews
          by Mordecai Paldiel
  • Confronting the Demons of Hatredin the 21st Century
        by Menachem Rosensaft
  • Teaching THE Holocaust After the Last Survivors Are Gone
          by Sol A. Factor
  • College Students RestoringJewish Cemetery in Poland
  • A Day in the Life in the Warsaw Ghetto
       by RENATA ZAJDMANsurvivor of the Warsaw ghetto
  • 1943 the year of the uprisings
         By Renata Skotnicka-Zajdman
  •  25th Annual International ConferenceConference 2013
        Las Vegas, NV Friday, Nov. 1 - Monday, Nov. 4