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18.5.2013. 20:43
Židovi u Češkoj republici

Report claims number of anti-Semitic internet posts is on the rise

15-05-2013 | Masha Volynsky

According to a report annually compiled by the Jewish community in Prague, the number of anti-Semitic statements made on Czech internet in 2012 increased three-fold compared to the previous year. More direct actions targeting Jews, however, did not see a significant rise around the Czech Republic.

Prema izvještaju , koji je tokom godine sakupljen od Židovske zajednice u Pragu, broj antisemitskih izjava na češkom internetu je u 2012. godini tri puta veći nego prošle godine.

  Direktnije akcije protiv Židova nisu signifikantno porasle u Češkoj.Židovska zajednica u Pragu već dvije dekade prati antisemitsko raspoloženje u Češkoj. Izvještaj za 2012, ovog tjedna, daje razloge za brigu, jer je registrirano mnogo više antisemitizma na češkom internetu. Dok je u prošlih pet godina broj antisemitskih izjava bio između 17 i 30, u 2013. je pronađeno više od 80.

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One of the reasons highlighted in the report was the candidacy of Jan Fischer in the first direct presidential elections in the country. Considered a frontrunner until the first round, Mr Fischer was criticized for a number of personal and political faults, and although it rarely made it into the official media, for his Jewish background as well. But most displays of anti-Semitism in the Czech-language cyberspace are not part of the mainstream, said chairman of the Jewish Community in Prague, Jan Munk:

“It usually comes from people who are members of extremistmovements. They appear in a virtual space that cannot be controlled.

The report also showed that even the far-right Workers’ Party of Social Justice did not include anti-Jewish or anti-Israeli sentiments in their official statements or literature in 2012, even though their supporters are among the usual authors of internet comments on these topics.

The Jewish Community emphasized that actual abuse – whether inflicted on property or individuals – has stayed more or less the same as in previous years, and is quite low.

I have to say that the situation in the Czech Republic is much better than in most European countries. There have been shootings in France, other attacks in England, Greece, and Bulgaria. Here it mostly remains on the level of verbal attacks against Jews. Of course, I don’t want to underestimate the hidden risks, but basically the report confirms that there is no real threat to the Jewish community in the Czech Republic.”