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28.5.2013. 11:00
Holocaust memorial museum Washingtom
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  • The Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center’s mission is to inspire teaching and learning for humanity in the schools and communities of this region through study ofthe Holocaust.

  • Socialization (Café Europa) programs for Nazi victims, and educational programs, have been supported by grants from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany.

  • Klaus Stern, 92,  dies
    A survivor and founder of the Holocaust Center, Klaus shared his story for over 40 years. We will miss you Klaus z"l. 
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Thank you to the hundreds and hundreds of students and teachers who participated!Winners of the 2013 Writing, Art, Digital Media Contest!

750 students entered the contest this year. Thank you to all of the students and teachers who participated in the contest Thank you also to our dedicated panel of 30 judges who carefully reviewed the hundreds of entries.

List of participating schools & teachers

Thank you for participating in the 2013 Holocaust Writing, Art, & Digital Media Contest!

Each one of these teachers has done a tremendous job introducing their students to the lessons of the Holocaust. We commend these teachers for providing their students with a creative way to express what they have learned by participating in the contest. Thank you, teachers, for your commitment to Holocaust education and your dedication to showing students that their actions matter.

School                                          City                              Teacher
A.C. Davis High School            Yakima, WA                  Ernesto Sanchez
Billings Middle School              Seattle, WA                   Linda Cooper....

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  • Free to borrow in Washington State!