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26.12.2013. 11:28
poziv na konferenciju u Berlinu

The European Association of Jewish Survivors of the Holocaust invites you to join us at the:

WFJCSH&D. Conference August 24-27, 2014, Berlin Hilton Hotel


For the first time The World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust & Descendants (WFJCSHD) will hold its conference for Child Survivors of the Holocaust + 2nd and 3rd generation in the German capital BERLIN.

The gathering is scheduled to take place from Sunday 24 - Wednesday 27 August 2014 and will be in the Berlin Hilton Hotel in the center of the city.

The special conference room rate is € 126.00 + tax (single or double occupancy) and is valid 3 days prior and 3 days post conference. Registration fee will be € 275.00 per person.

For online room reservation at the Berlin Hilton Hotel use only the following link:

This is an exceptional and significant opportunity for us to be together.

Preliminary information about programming for survivors, their children and grandchildren and spouses is listed below.

The WFJCSH&D is organizing the programming so also check their website for updates and final program:
Several keynote speakers are contacted for this special event. We will share the names of our speakers once details are confirmed.Kosher and vegetarian food can be provided.

We hope you will join us for this unique event.

Hotel rooms reservation at the special conference rooms rate, is only available through the special Hilton Hotel link (see above). Please note reservation at this special room rate ends July 15 2014.

Registration forms will be available in the spring of 2014.

Unfortunately we are obliged to limit the number attendees, due to limited space in the Hilton hotel.
So if you wish to register for this unique gathering, send in your registration form and make your hotel reservation early as soon as possible.

Please tell your family and friends in the survivor community about this conference and encourage them to come. An important aspect of this conference is the opportunity for us to meet and network. For those of you who have never attended a gathering like this, it is a moving experience when you find someone from your familyâ €™s hometown or who was in the same camp/ghetto as your own relatives. There is so much we can share and learn from each other. See below a preliminary outline of some of the programs.

Preliminary summary of the program for the 2014 WFJCSH&D conference in Berlin


?How do we feel being in Berlin ?Caring for the aging survivors in our families and communities?Anti-Semitism Today (open to all) ?Abused during or after the Holocaust (survivors only)?Dealing with the losses of our survivor parents and moving forward into the future (2+3G only) ?What's new in Holocaust education and commemoration? (open to all)?Talking to our children and grandchildren about the Holocaust ?Dealing with our pain and anger?Writing ones own history ?Ways of passing on the history?Genealogy (open to all) ?Married to a survivor ( spouses only)


?Interesting and important speakers

?Evening entertainment


?Meeting by country of origin